Friday, 16 March 2012

Part 3: SPL on Holiday (Journey to Singkawang)

Go back to the trip, everybody sang Katy Parry's song (Last Friday Night, I Kissed A Girl, Hot 'N Cold, etc) and the best part is when we sing Adele's song (Someone Like You, Set Fire to The Rain, Make You Feel My Love, Rolling In The Deep). 
Everybody was so crazy, the funniest thing in the car when Sir was asking for mint candies from Ciput, the person who poured the mint box to Sir was me and he did not want to eat more than two, two times I poured too much, three and four tablets, and he asked me to take it. The problem is he ate that candies every 20 minutes, and I have to eat the rest if I gave him more than two (I can't return it, it is contaminated already, lols). 
Several minutes before we got into Singkawang, Ciput or somebody else opened a sack of rice crackers, I smelled that it was like chicken.
"Oi, I smelled chicken, who bring chicken in the car?", I asked.
Everybody was in silence or perhaps confused which chicken I was talking about. Then Ciput looked at me and smiled.
"It is not chicken but rice crackers", Ciput said.
"Where is your nose Winny, you got a problem with your nose", Gerry said.
Everybody was laughing and so did I. I swear! It was chicken aroma, the aroma was totally same. Several minutes later, we could see mountains, hills and dangerous street, it was not large enough for two cars so the car moved slower than before. 

"I am hungrrryyy~", Sir said.

"Me too aaa Sir", Gerry said.

"I don't ask you", Sir replied.

Hwahwhahwahhwa~ *everybody was laughing at him.

"Now I ask, who is hungry", asked Sir.

Cokro raised his hand, Edwin, and some girls that I could not see because Yoanna sat on me.

(to be continued...........)


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