Saturday, 17 March 2012

Writer's Life Part 5: Debating Changes Me A Lot!

Debating is a skill where you can perform, convince and speak well orally. I learn how to debate since I was in the first grade of my senior high school. I found a lot of benefits from debate skill, I really enjoy it even sometimes I really find a lot of difficulties in my critical thinking and my fluency in speaking. 

Debating really solves my problems in lives. Especially in misunderstanding, persuading people and miscommunication. I learn how to talk it exact topicality and find solvency. Starting from this year, I turn to another person, I alter a lot and seems like infected by a structural. Every time I need to discuss with people, I just realize I may not talk directly, I must find a solution so that people will be convinced and vote for my idea. 

Example for another case, frankly speaking I am more careful in choosing multiple choices answer. In choosing proper words towards different people, understanding others position, caring more and feel what others feel. Now, my path seems clearer, I am more joyful and I can take the correct choice. In my conclusion, if you make use of your debating skill, we will used to adapt in the reality of lives. 

True that in our lives, there are uncountable problems which need solvency. When you learn how to debate, you will face a lot of complicated problems either in the society even to all nations. They are big issues and need a big movement, it is not as easy as our own lives, because it is connected to many people. When you choose way A, what will happen in the future, what the benefit is and what the disadvantage is and it is the same with way B, C, etc. Everything really needs serious calculation so that we find the exact solution.

After you find the best solution, it is not enough. You need your followers, just like in Twitter and Facebook, people need to join you so that a big movement can be taken. We need to convince people, we need to make them believe in us. That is why learning in debate is not that easy.
I admit that I still need to learn a lot, really really need to hard working. Even sometimes I complain a lot why I should spend my time for such things. But again, my heart cannot lie, I want to learn how to debate well so that in the future it will be easier for me to take any choices and give the best solution. When you learn how to debate, selfishness could not be put here, when you try to force yourself for your own sake, people will dislike you and nobody vote for you voice, or even they do not want to pay any attention to you. As the result, you are nothing.
True, it is hard to learn debating, as hard as 100 tons of stones and 100 physics homework that should be done. But of course, I won't give up! I have great coach, great team mates and nice friends in my lives. I have the best parents who always support me and I will not stop until I change myself into the form I want.
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