Friday, 16 March 2012

FPI vs Dayaknish : What Really Happen to Pontianak City?

Conflicts always pops up when we are talking about multiculturalism country. Well, merely several countries can handle the togetherness and various of races, cultures and religion. Well, an incident happened yesterday in my city, a Muslim organization came to Pontianak city. I do not really know what the case is, but it is true that this organization has been banned by some provincials in Indonesia, rejected and so on. 

Lots of people claim that their existence is a threat for people, some said they are such a gangster that covered in the name of religion. As the result, last month, exactly on 11th of February 2012, East Kalimantan rejected FPI to come in their district and even refused them start from the airport. 
Yesterday, an incident popped up, in today headline news it is said that there are some colleagues refused FPI to come to Pontianak city. The mass (some members) of FPI noticed it and did some anarchist movement. Those colleagues are Dayaknish, students from eastern of West Kalimanatan and also the youngsters of Dayak tribe.
Of course, this is not a common incident, it is common for people to aspirate their voice to reject something, but those FPI people seem precisely could not respect each other. Then, Dayaknish have a meeting and mediation in Betang House at around 12 pm in Sutoyo street.
As the result of the meeting, they decided to have a march to reject FPI and demonstrate in front of police station and Pontianak waterfront. But, when the march passed over Veteran street, FPI mass popped up with weapons, Police announced that Pontianak city was in dangerous condition stage one, everybody closed their shop, went home and closed the doors. 
The conflict popped up on the street, there were some violence happend but gratefully police warned them and each side retreated. Even until now, the atmosphere is still unstable, still people are afraid to go out and little people hang out or just have a walk. 
Commonly, in Facebook or Twitter site, I can find 20-25 Pontianak city people online. But because of this condition, everybody is seeking for information and staying at home, waiting for safety, as the result more than 40 people online since in the morning. 
Me and myself, in the morning I go to school actually we have some recollection activity in Ambawang, but our teacher asked us to go home because the street was blocked since early in the morning. I stayed at school until 9.30 something and stay at home until now. 
Some people close their stores earlier and I can see lot of police are patrolling everywhere. Some hoax or I can say gossip in BB and text messages said that the conflict between two sides still does not meet an end. Some people said it is safe already. 
There is no point for this incident, schools are being closed by the government for 2 days, people do not dare to go out. Some sellers must close their stores earlier and people are still in their dilemma.
What should we do?
Can we make an end of this?
How long should this happen?
Can't we solve this in other way?
How many time should we spend?
Nobody can answer, it goes back to each side whether should this incident happens or not.
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