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Hello everybody,
Today I am not giving you a newest anime. Although I love anime very much, of course I cannot watch all of anime of the year. I start to watch anime since 2007. Some good anime in the past that I haven't watched, there are also phenomenon. I watch Claymore nowadays. It is a fiction, a gloomy dark and cruel anime. I start to like it when I understand the moral value of this anime. It is said that even a heartless person has a heart, meaning love is everywhere, no matter how cruel someone is, love is always everywhere.

Episode count: 23
Genre :
Once in a human world, the demons, Yoma are possessing humans and threatening human being. An organization called as The Organization created a half Yoma and half human form to destroy Yoma and one of them is Claire. Calire and other girls are called as Claymore, a group of specimen that is created to kill Yoma, and one day when they over used their Yoma power, they will turn to Yoma itself and send a black card to other Claymore to kill each other. The existence of Claymore is a hatred of human because some people think they will turnn to Yoma one day so nobody want to interact with Claymore. 

One day, Claire killed a Yoma in a village, that Yoma has transformed into a human and was a brother of a kid named Raki. Raki's parents were being killed by Yoma and he has gotten only one brother. His brother turned to Yoma since the death of his parents. 

Raki thanks to Claire by helping him to kill Yoma although Claire also killed his only brother. Raki decided to follow wherever Claire goes. Claire started to treat Raki as her brother and protects him from the demons even people claim Claymore are heartless and cruel in killing Yoma. Having Raki by her side, Claire feels the same fate that happens to her when she was a human.

The setting of this anime is in dramatic atmosphere. Medieval Island I think it is adapted as a village of old Gemany style. 

Good anime to watch but I don't recommend you to watch it if you don't like blood and tense anime

Enjoy C:   

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