Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ao no Exorcist

Yo! Readers, long time no see :D
Nowadays I am really busy, but 2day it is holiday. Nice ooo? One of my classmates gives me a new anime, so I have just watched it until volume 15 and it is great! Ao no Exorcist is the title. Let me give you a bit view about this anime!

Rin Okumura
Fujimoto Shiro
Ao no Exorcist, this story is about Rin Okumura who are twin with his brother, Yukio Okumura. Both of them were raised by Fujimoto Shiro, the strongest exorcist in the world and actually also a Paladin. He adopted Rin and Yukio as his sons and lived in a church. In the fact, Rin actually is the son of Satan, the demon lord while his twin does not have the blood of Satan because when their mother was pregnant, Yukio's body was too weak. 

Rin is such a lazy boy, rebellious and he did not pass junior high school, but inside his heart he wants to protect everybody. On the other hand, Yukio his twin is a weak boy but smart and diligent as he got the scholarship to an academy and have a dream to be a doctor.  One day the Satan came and attacked the church to bring Rin home, but his adopted father protected him and sacrifice himself to let the Satan out of his body. His adopted father gave him a legendary sword and asked for help to Mephisto Pheles, a headmaster of exorcist academy. Since that incident, Rin moved to the same academy just like Yukio. 
Yukio Okumura
The story begins in this academy, Rin thought that his brother will get into the university of doctor but in the fact Yukio is a exorcist since he was 7 years old and today Yukio as the main teacher of the exorcist class will teach his own brother. Rin is angry and wanting Yukio to tell him all the truth. In the fact, since Yukio was a child, his adopted father has prepared him to protect Rin against demons.
In the academy, Rin and Yukio live in the same inn and actually inside of the academy there are several teachers and people know the truth that Rin is the son of Satan. So there are many incident which involve Rin and Yukio to the death. Rin starts to know a lot of friends from his special class especially Shiemi Moriyama seems that loves and is also inspiring Rin's twin brother. And of course a lot of problems always pop up. Well, this one is only a bit view about this anime, it motivates me to be an exorcist! lol~ *qiding.

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  1. yea,this anime is so interesting..
    and it motivates me too,, :) lol

  2. yes, but unfortunately, the series of this anime is too short, I hope there will be another season for this God damn cool anime :)

  3. aya suka blog Anda, saya berharap untuk melihat lebih banyak dari Anda. Apakah Anda menjalankan situs lain?

  4. Unfortunately, sya tidk menjalankn situs lain, ni blog stu2na yg sya punya C: Terimakasih sudh berkunjng
    have a nice visit
    m(_ _)m


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