Monday, 22 August 2011

How to Choose The Correct Dress? Find The Facts

Yooo readers, long time no see :D
Aiggh, nowadays I really drop my stamina out, so many tests, boring lessons appear. Not to say, I even almost asleep while the lesson begins. 
So 2day I am free, and I start to search some fashion and style info. (Well, I dunno why I get a little interest in fashion nowadays). 

Seems girls nowadays get same problems. When we become a teenagers, there are so many parties that need our visit. Frankly speaking, of course I am not going to wear the same clothes to the same parties, and I need to spend more budget for some glamorous life. *Actually I do not really like it. But, yeaa, that is happening to girls. So the question pops up, how to find good looking clothes?

Let us check the fact!

1. Cozy & Good Looking is important
I really hate good looking dress but not cozy. Yeaaah.. Sometimes the material is hot, then make me sweating all the day. On the other hand, it is also itchy! Cozy but good looking dress can be found which is made by cotton, sometimes the color is soft and gentle. Cozy also means healthy, when you try to wear a Belgian dress in a garden party, you are crazy then.

2. Do not be superfluous please!
Hey girl! Nobody will love your appearance when you wear a set of dramatic Orlando dress. You are quiet insane then :D We need to pay more attention to the event. It just like genres of music. Is it Halloween party, garden party, sparkling party or so on? Be a simple but beautiful girl, it is necessary and most valuable aspect!
Orlando Dress
Simple cottonn dress

3. Choose the style that is not easily old-fashioned
This tip is very important for you who love dress and have many wardrobe of dresses. Dress has many kind of style while the time and period always moves and invents new style regularly. So, I am trying to say this, nice and beautiful dress is not only the main aspect but also unique. Unique dress is mostly attractive. Even you keep the dress in the wardrobe for several years, you can still wear it on, while the old fashioned one will be dusty and you will be ashamed to wear it one for twice.

Simple Satin Dress

4, Most of beautiful dress come from soft and gentle colors
I believe that the dresses which  you buy mostly are attractive. Well, I reckon that most of beautiful dresses come from gentle soft colors. You can try pink, beige, white, light blue or soft green.

5. Good dress = fit to your body
Some girls force themselves to wear the dresses that for them is outstanding. I can convey that not every dresses you can wear actually. Good dress should fit to your body and also your waist. It also does not make you look bigger or fatter or even weird. Price is not main aspect for you to buy the unnecessary dresses.
Selena Gomez & Her Simple Dress



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