Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Love Is Magic but Love Is Also Complex

Dear readers,
do you ever feel the poison of love? Yes, I can say I do, I let it separate over my heart and feeling. I know sometimes it will be a mistake to love somebody before he said the truth.I will have the scars of love if he does not love me in the fact. Yes, it happens to me.. but not as tragedy as scars that hurt me. Me and myself, I know him only 1 year. He is just a simple boy, talk less, religious, active in some lesson especially science and sport. First, I do not really have an impression about him, that is because we always together in the same class, in the same room, place or even group. When I feel not good, sometimes he smiles heavenly, even he does not ask we whether what is happening to me. But I start lost my control, this year we separate, seldom meet each other and talk less also. I convey that I miss him a lot. My new class only begins for 2 weeks and I am suffered under pressure why I do not notice earlier. I do to say that I regret this happens, but how do I change this situation? This is really complicated, I do not know how to do now. Today I meet him, just pass around and only say one word each other, "hi". It is not enough for me,, even I now it's too late. Yeah, that is how love really paralyzes me...



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