Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bloody Tears-The Curse of Haemolacria

Bloody tears is not only tales or stories that remain in our lives. This is also not about mystic while people think only vampires suck blood. On the other hand, there is a case that somebody cries in blood form. Here are the facts :

Bloody tears or is also well known as Haemolacria is a physical condition that causes a person to produce tears that are partially composed of blood. It can manifest as tears that are anything from merely red-tinged to appearing to be entirely made of blood.

Calvino Inmam
One of the victim is Calvino Inmam, a boy with common appearance, just like other teenagers who start to enjoy their experience of life. But, something distinguish him to other teenagers. Yes,, the bloody tears.
Mr Inman, from Knoxville, Tennessee, is shown undergoing tests to investigate whether a medical issue such as a tumour, tear duct problems, or a genetic defect is causing the bleeding.
Here are some sharing from Calvino:
He said: ‘People still call me possessed. The bleeding happens all the time, at school, at home and in the night.
‘I don’t usually know when they’re going to happen but sometimes it burns as it’s coming out.
‘Sometimes I don’t even know it’s happened, it happens several times a day".
Well, according to medical scientists, it is said that haemolacria is a symptom of a number of diseases, and may also be indicative of a tumor in the lacrimal apparatus. It is most often provoked by local factors such as bacterial conjunctivitis, environmental damage or injuries.


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