Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dress Just Like Your Style (Mini Dress Edition) (>_<)//

Dear readers, new topic releases: D. Today I am going to give you several tips for mini dress.

Problems: Girls, sometimes when we go to fitting room and try for some cute and good looking mini dresses, it doesn’t fit to your body or so on. Here are some hints for you, let us try to dress just like our background or behavior.

Let us check it out!

1. Are you smart and elegant?
For those who are professional, of course you are not going to wear some dresses with big ribbon or other people will notice you as weird at all. Professional girls of course are well known as polite, wise and elegant. You must try some dark mini dress, do not worry, even you wear the short one, people will say you are amazing, but of course not for super mini dress one. Avoid light color or too simple and casual one. You can also try some V dress.

2. Are you active and adventurous?
Well, girls of course you are not going to wear some bandage mini dress to party. It does not fit to you even a bit. Try to wear some light color and cute accessories. Do it simple but cute. Long dress does not fit with you, just try a mini or balloon dress. Ribbon is also nice and bright, unique style.

3. Are you simple and casual?
Yes, sometimes casual girls have same problems. They seldom wear mini dresses. Do not worry; there are so many ways to solve your problem. Just try some casual mini dress with big belt. Choose dark color just like green moss, beige or brown. It fits with your temperament and style. Avoid some accessories that make you look weird. 

4. Are you stylish and confident?
Make a big bang over the party, make it unique, different from others and be the party master. Wear some unusual mini dress, try light abstract dress. Make it funny with some accessories and shoes. You need light color dress to be impressive. Try a short and with big ribbon one. You can match it with cute cotton made mini dress also.

5. Are you having a fat problem and panic?
Never worry girls. It is time to look impressive. Try some tight dress; it will fits on you so you will look slimmer. Do not even buy any balloon mini dress; you will look bigger and bigger! You also need a dark dress. Some survey said that you will look slimmer in dark color dress. Avoid too much style dress and accessories, it just add your weight and seem worst. Keep it simple..

6. Are you skinny and unconfident?
Do not force yourselves girls. Do not be afraid, it will be great for you to wear balloon mini dress, it will add more weights to your body and also nicer. Try some big accessories but is still simple. End with light color such as yellow or orange, white you will look sweet and attractive. 

7. Are you hating mini dress but forced by the party?
Hahaha.. There a lot of problems that happens like this. Yes, not all girls are feminine. So are you wild girls? No, of course not, every girl has their own taste. Do not worried, here are the solution, you will look casual but sweet, being simple and cozy. It is nice! Try some light and simple color of cardigan and mix it with simple tank top and skirt or simple mini dress is okay. You will look a bit wild but attractive, never ends with complex accessories, just be yourself simple and cozy view.


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