Monday, 29 April 2013

In SPL Farewell means An End That Starts A Beginning

Today is our SPL farewell party, it is saddening, exciting, great, awesome, wonderful, fascinating, indescribably. So today we are having a simple dinner in one of restaurant at the shopping mall. The funniest and happiest moment is actually our beloved juniors had prepared farewell gifts for seniors, but one of the juniors who actually carried the gift (and at last it was for me) when she entered the restaurant. I did not notice any suspicious thing, and other juniors covered it by saying she was planning to buy it for her birthday friend. The saddening moment is when everybody said their wish for me, from our greatest coach ever, Sir Hendriek and then from my juniors Edwin, Stephie, Bella, Fausta and Huiliana. I love the atmosphere, I feel like sitting under tree where all blossom flowers are flying. I love party especially with SPL, either Sir’s birthday, Sir’s wedding, having trip together, lunch together, studying together or practicing together; somehow I have spent my entire three years lives with them since 2010.

 Honestly, I hate to say goodbye, I hate to say farewell. As long as we are under the same skies, no matter what happens, even the time changes, we will meet someday, when all our hope has come true, and I will be so sure that each of us will be blessed and be related to this bond ever after.  

I still remember my first time when I got into SPL, I lost my interest in Paskibra since the coach passed away and everyone was abandoning it. I retired in Mandarin because I had nowhere to go, I felt like I need more challenges. Here I come, being tied by the fate, I stepped my pace to SPL, to English, to speech, to debate and I never regret for it, never ever!

Now on, I cannot cast a magic, I cannot grant a wish, I also cannot buy something great to return thousand fun of these three years, but may I pray and hope for today, for SPL future, to be better, to be greater, for my juniors please continue all your hard work, be tough, be greater than us and be awesome. For our dearest coach, please stay patience; never give up giving birth to other great generation of the universe, lols. Keep healthy, keep happy, keep smiling, and keep shinning as ever. May God pay everything, every piece of your good deeds in return and may your every little hope among us turn to be reality.

I want to say so many things, but it will cost 100 pages probably, just like Sir said, make it clear, simple and understandable. Lols~

With regards, with love


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