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Yo readers! Are you interested in romance comedy anime? Toradora! is a pretty good choice.

Ryuji and Taiga
Episode count: 25

Have u ever imagined getting a wild tiger as your girlfriend? This happens to Ryuji Takasu, a son of single parent mother who has been left by his father who was well known as merciless gangster leader. As the result, Ryuji was misunderstood as a delinquent. His school life never works well, none of the girls dare to approach him and only his childhood friend Kitamura knows him. Once, Ryuji is falling in love with one of the baseball girl Minori Kushieda, the way she struggles with her life by aiming money to cover her study, having part time job and shinning as the best player in her baseball club. Although Ryuji likes Kushieda, he does not have the courage to tell the truth to Minori. One day, Ryuji met a delinquent, small looking girl named Taiga who is well known as Palmtop Tiger and hardly ever come to school. She is trying to tell her feeling to Ryuji's childhood friend Kitamura-kun, but every time she tries, she always ends up with shouting and denying her puropose and run away. When Ryuji notices what Taiga did, unfortunately when Ryuji tries to do the same to Minorin, Ryuji ends up to scare people around him, as the result Minori is ignoring him. Both Ryuji and Taiga have gotten the same problem of telling the truth, so when they realize about their problem, they make a deal to help each other to approach Kushieda and Kitamura. But as the time pass by, Taiga and Ryuji realized the one they love is not the right person and all their story to help each other make them a relationship of friendship and lover.

The backgroud mostly takes place at school, sometimes in Japanese style small house and western apartment where Taiga lives. Although the plot is so fascinating, well, I find something pretty awkward here, Taiga live alone because she has ever said she dislike her father, it sounds like her father is such a scary gangster or bad reputation somehow that's why people call her as Tiger. But in this story, Taiga's father remarried to another woman after the death of Taiga's mother, that's why Taiga decides to leave the house and  rent for apartment. But so far, the story has so much fun and energetic.

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