Saturday, 27 April 2013

If You Were Here (Part 2: Your Agony Is My Agony)

With my curiosity, I walk around the street. While the time does not seem good for me to go back to university. Unintentionally I pass a street wherever actually I don't want to pass anymore; yes it is where the accident takes place.  I fasten my pace and run to stop this annoying memory while I have arrived in my apartment.

I squeeze my hands; I close the door as my sweat flows. My tear starts flowing, I do not understand where it comes for, but yes... Even I saw someone who looks like Edgey, I am not certain he is Edgey, because he was dead in an accident two weeks ago and it was in front of my eyes.
"Cherrie, good morning!", said Edgey from the phone.
"You are so early.... Good morning..", I replied and still comforted with my pillow on the bed.
"My sweet lazy girl, do you know what time is it?", teased Edgey with his arrogant voice.
I looked at my phone and noticed that it was too late for such a girl to wake up.
"Hmmm... 11.30.. I left my part time job late yesterday, I can't bear to sleep.. Sorry", I replied.
"I am sorry Cherrie, it was my fault , I can't take you home yesterday, I promise to pay it back. Hmm.. What about we have a date today, make it a special lunch then. I treat you whatever you want", he said excitingly.
"Really? Aren't you busy? I hate it when the phone rings when we are dating.. It will be best if you continue with your work", I replied disappointingly.
"Listen, I will make it for the last time for this phone to ring in our date, this time no more", he said firmly.
"Really? Promise me!", I teased him and lower my voice so it looked so pitiful.
"I promise", he replied seriously this time.
" Hahahaha~ You sound so serious, I take it as a nice joke in the morning", I replied and chuckled.
"Hiieeeghh? How rude!! I am serious, take me seriously Cherrie, come on, lunch, lunch??", he sounded so upset that I could not refuse his plan.
"OK I am pretty hungry, meet me in the usual place?", I asked.
"Sure! Take care my love", he replied.
"Take care too, see ya", I replied and he hung off the phone.

 I was so excited and I could not wait for longer, it had been 5 weeks we were torturing our relationship each other. He had his job, I had my class, we were depressed and busy, I hoped today would be so much fun. I took a shower, decided for the best dress to go, left my apartment and I was heading to our favorite restaurant. My head only filled with the moment we would spent together.

When I was arrived, he was there earlier. I got closer and he hugged me, I did not notice anything wrong. We ordered our food, and he always asked me about my class. I talked about Ronan, his best friend who had missed his appearance since Edgey worked and never got into class anymore, I talked about the teacher at school and everything we like. On that day he brought me a bouquet, it was lilies and we loved them so much. The time passed so quick that we did not notice what time it was. The night had come and then we walked together to send me home. 

"Cherrie, I have a gift for you, hope you like this", he said while he was taking out on something from his pouch.
"Hmm? What is it? I hope you don't spend a lot", I said.
"You are a nice girl, Cherrie. Do you treat all boys like this? It's funny you are worrying about the money I spend for your gift", he said and he smirked.
"Are you laughing at me again? It doesn't mean I am worrying about your money, but it is just too much, I mean.... hmmm...” I replied while I also did not know what I was talking about. Good, I messed up with my words.
"Are you still nervous talking with me Cherrie? You mess your words, and I know that", he chuckled.
"I... I.. I.. ", I replied uncontrollably with more weird answers.
 He put his hand on my head and shook it gently.
"Cherrie, my life will be lonely without you, thanks for everything, just stay like this, this is the way I love you the most", he replied and smiled.

His hand was so gentle and it was so warm. I was so speechless and just nodded and then smiled. He gave me a pendant then he told me not to lose it. It looks like a flashy rectangular with lily caged in diamond and there is some special design around the rectangular, just like a root around the rectangular. Then he helped me to wear it.
"It suits you, no one else", he said with a faint smile.
"Thanks", I replied while blushed.
"I hope you are happy with this", he said.
"Hmmm...”, I nodded and smirked.

We walked for some blocks and we were holding hands. Then, we across the street, the traffic light showed it was green, we passed across the street, no one was crossing the street except us, unintentionally our hands were separated so I walked two steps in front of Edgey, suddenly a truck with its container, it was driven wildly, it sounded like pieces of steel and was driven so fast, as I remembered the flash was so close, several meters of my sight and suddenly I was pushed from behind, bumped on the hard street. As I twisted my leg and fell down I looked backward, my eyes never believed what I saw, Edgey was crushed while he was smiling to me among the flash light and when the big truck bumped, I witnessed his eyes, it was shown how painful, how fearful he was.

Then everything turned black and I saw some splash of blood through my face. The white lilies bouquet he carried on was tore into pieces with blood. I crawled from the place I was to look closer, voicelessly, I ignored my pain, I just needed to get closer, Edgey turned into bloody fresh flesh that I could not recognize his face anymore, I was so scared to death, my body froze, his left hand was crushed and splat somewhere, his head was bleeding, his eyes were opened in terror, his lips was badly injured, he was struggling and I felt his agony, I knew how it felt, my tears soaked, it fell, it really really fell down. His right arm was moving, only for several seconds, I did not dare to touch him, I was creeping out, but my hands move out of my instruction, he turned cold, he was wet, not with the sweat but blood, the crowd approached me, they called the ambulance, some people helped me to stand up, I did nothing, I did nothing, I really really did nothing, and did not know what to do, my ears felt deafen, my head felt like exploding, my heart was numb, I lost my consciousness as I was fainted and when I awoke it was the day of his requiem.

(To be continued..............)


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