Saturday, 27 April 2013

If You Were Here (Part 1: Our Memories)

"She looks so pitiful..", said a girl. 
"Well probably because of that accident", replied another girl. 
"Psssstt!! Don't speak too loud, she would listen!", said the first girl. 
"Why so serious? It's the fact, that accident won't be happened if she was not there!", said another girl. "Mia!! You are too loud!", replied another girl. 
I listen to all of this bad mouth everyday, what can I do? What can I hope for now on? I can only pretend to sleep at the class. Listening to all these bullshits, talking about my past two weeks ago, they do not understand how I feel, they do not know how hurt it is. Even I want to shout aloud and defend myself that I am not guilty, it is no sense, they will not believe on me. I can just stay like this, holding all this burden and scars alone. "If you were here, I know you will not let this happen", I murmur to myself to cheer this painful heart. I decide to leave the class and have some fresh air, unintentionally I push  my table too hard and all the girls who were talking about my past are freaking out. Seems like the lady luck does not really really like me today. I ignore and pretend just like usual and pass through the crowd outside. 

I look at the window and have some sightseeing. A rounded park with lilies catch my eyes, there is a memory reminds me when we sat together there. It was the first time I had ever skipped the class. We decided to have our lunch, he stole on one of my best favorite sweet and apple. Suddenly one of the teachers caught us, he held my hands and we ran then jumped through the nearest fences, then we hid among the buzzes. 
"Psst, stay calm or we will be noticed", he said. "It's your fault! I told you it was a bad idea to skip the class, didn't I?", I replied angrily. 
"Psssstttt!!!", he tried to calm me again. 
One of the teacher stepped exactly behind of our position, I started to freeze, wishing for no trouble with this teacher. 
"Oooii, if I catch both of you again, I will certainly make both of you regret on your score!!", then he went back.

"Stupid teacher", he chuckled. Plak!! I hit his head with my hand, I was really really angry at that time. 
"You make this like a joke, we are in danger if he does not let me pass the exam", I said. 
"Sorry, I didn't mean so. But you really really look cute when you are angry, at least I saved your life today", he said with his beautiful smile. 
I was blushed at that time and  I was really really grateful nothing happened to both of us.After that I cannot forget that memory when the first time he held my hands. 

That memory healed my pain a bit, suddenly all of the memories scattered around when someone is calling me. 
 "Oyyy~Cherrie!", Ronan shouted, while he was waving his hand and greeting me with his funny looking. 
"We are searching for you, hah.. there is..a.. I don't know a bad or good news for you.. but..", said Ronan with his unclear voice, I guess he was running all the time to search for me in this big university. 
"Ronan, take a deep breathe, OK?", I said. 
I pull his hands and try to help him to sit on the floor for some rest.
"So what's up Ronan? If you feel alright, let's talk in the cafeteria then", I said.
"Noo! This is important Cherrie! Edgey is alive!!!", he shouted so loud that he freaks some girls along the way.
"What do you mean?? Are you insane, I know Edgey is your best friend, but it just....", I replied to Ronan and suddenly I am interrupted by his quick respond.
"I tell you! I am confused, I also don't believe it! You have gotta watch it with your eyes, Edgey is on the first floor, just find some crowd around the entrance,and....", he said.

I listen to some of his words and I do not care what is the rest. I run to the nearest stairs, I bump some people, they are complaining, some of them stare at me, but I run, I cannot bear this feeling anymore, am I dreaming? Am I imagining? Even so, I do not care, I wish to meet Edgey, I want to see him, even I do not understand what is happening. I do not know, my head feel like exploding, it is illogical! how can Edgey appear again? How could it be? I need a reason, so I rush and when I arrive on the first floor, I see the crowd. 

My heart is pounding, it pounds like the first time I see him, the first time when he said he loves me and the first time when he smiles at me. I use my hands carelessly to get rid of the crowd, I need the truth. And now in the middle of the crowd who I am seeing now is a tall man with black soft messy hair, his collar is folded inappropriately, he wears a blue V shirt with black coat and white furred around his neck and black jeans. His face, that innocent eyes, that reddish thin lips, no one else, he is Edgey. 

"Edgey?? How could it be?", I questioned myself whether he is my old Edgey or not. Edgey never dressed in that messy, Edgey does not like that gangster style, even so I feel like all the tears have soaked my eyes, my sight is crystallizing.
"Are you Cherrie?", he replied with cold respond and I feel like he does not know who I am. 
I nod to him and in sudden he pulls my hand and push the crowd. It happens so fast, I feel like it takes 5 seconds and now I am inside a car with him and a driver. 
"Take us for a detour of this city then", he said to the driver.
"Yes, sir", replied his driver. 
"Whaat? But?", I replied but it seems like my deed is futile and I am still confused with everything.

Inside the car, there are only three people, the person who I assume as Edgey, an old man who I assume as his driver and I, no one else. I do not look at the detail of the car, but Edgey never has it I believe. The distance between our seat and the driver is pretty far, probably 2-3 feet and it makes this car was pimped to do so. We remain in silence for several minutes and he starts the conversation.

"Are you Cherrie?", he asks me for the second times with his serious face.
"Yes..", I replied. I want to ask him my question to make sure he is the one who I know but astonishingly he puts his arms on my shoulder and hugs me tightly.
"What.....", I said, then he interrupts.
"Listen carefully... I know it's a hard time for you, I am sorry, I am too late, it has been two weeks. The driver thinks that I was meeting my girlfriend in that university, so I lie to my parents about that. I do not have much time. I promise him I will protect you no matter how, so meet me in Arsha Park at 4 pm and I will explain you everything, after this just behave just like usual, get out from the car", he said and in sudden the car stops and leaves me in front of the university again. He let go his arms and smiles at me. I do his instruction, and he leaves. 

My question has not been solved,  another thing is that he said the driver thought that he was meeting his girlfriend, is he forgetting about our relationship or what? I am his girlfriend absolutely. Second, why should he lie to his parents? Didn't Edgey ever say that he told his parents about our relationship already? It sounds fishy, dubious. The last, he said he promised someone initialized as "him" to protect me. This isn't right, after thinking about 10 minutes. I have my conclusion even I am not so sure..... He is not Edgey.


(to be continued..............)


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