Thursday, 18 April 2013

10 Signs A Girl Is Falling In Love

Last time I have ever written about 10 Signs A Boy Is Falling In Love, so next I will write down the vice versa. Anyway, after I recognized my last post, I qinda notice that I used to write in more complicated vocabularies, now on I try to make it simple so people especially for local people can understand well. At least I notice my development in writing now on, lols *laughing like a cruel witch with pride.

So go back to our main topic, let us check it out!

Some boys do not understand how to notice how well a girl has treated them and how to respond in certain situation, again boys naturally are ignorant (for most of girls generally), they do not look around and care what really happen. Most party who always get a trouble is girl. Girls are good attractor but not a good approach. So sometimes when they did so, in the end boys will feel awkward and lost their interest. But in the end, when boys realize what they have done, mostly it is too late for them to know actually there is someone who care them a lot. 

Well, I am not a psychiatrist or mind reader, so don't be afraid, I just share what I read and what I know, hopefully you can catch some of benefits here.

 1. She Is Making Something Out of Nothing
 Well, again... Girls are good attractor, they try the most until the last blood even nothing turns to be something. When you pass in front of her class and suddenly she dances a Salsa or probably does some Kung Fu or perhaps does some juggling out of nowhere. Keep attracting, attracting, attracting... Meaning she wants you to look at her often.

 2. She Blushes, But With No Admission
 Once you talk to her and get close to something she likes or giving her a birthday gift. She will just keep silenced, say it is not needed or probably in fire by saying "you waste your money for this!!", they try to hide their feeling, thinking about probably you are joking with her, but when she blushes, actually she loves it. For good responds, you can approach her by saying "I thought that you like this, okay I will throw this now" or "I think I make a mistake by knowing  that you like this, sorry", then you will be astonished how honest they are with your feeling after this. 

3. She Tries to Look Neat and Beauty Around You
 Girls love nice performance, it is undeniable! When they try to change themselves into different like before probably hair cut, costume, make up, painting their nails and using cute things, they are trying to amaze you for certain! If you want to have a good responds, you can support them if you feel like it or just say "you look nice and beautiful, but you will be more beautiful in your simple way, I love it more than anything".

4. She Pretends Not to Look At You, But Actually They Wait For Your Call
Once you pass around her, but she is in a crowd, she shows no respond to call or say something to you, she tries to show you how well they associate with other people. Moreover, actually she also wants you to feel the same atmosphere as she has. I mean she wants to share her friends or acquaintances. If you just pass away and ignore her, you will go for nowhere, but if you try to call or greet her, she will know you are such a polite and friendly. The more you pay attention and get closer to her friends, she will think that you care about her. 
6. Strike up With The Conversation Even She Knows You Don't Know
Girls mostly are taking the role of initiating a topic. When they talk to you, meaning they have an interest or importance in you. Their curiosity is wild and they try to know more. Sometimes they try to make a special time where she can know you more than anyone, so even she knows you do not know the answer, or even they know your answers before, they will ask, ask again and notice whether you are honest or not. For further relation, if you really like this girl then be honest is the most valuable key here.

7. She Knows Your Details
She knows your personalities, your habit, even your birthday, your parents, your address, your sign, your favorite food, what you dislike, what you love the most, even your ex and memorizing your phone number perhaps. Girls love detail things, and the way they get crazy in loving you, they will remember anything as much as they can. For further responds if you are happy with the way she knows you, you can responds her by amazed and get impressed with what she did and ask for her detail so it is just like exchanging what she likes with what you like.


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