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6 Best Tearing Anime Ever

1. Clannad : After Story
This anime is TOTALLY tearing!!!!!!!! I watched it and I cried so many times. It is so sad. Clannad : After Story is the second season of Clannad. It is a combo tearing anime, you should watch it from first season. Frankly speaking, this anime changes my view of my life. I start to be more grateful than before. Love this anime very much.

Genre : School life, romance, slice of life
Plot of the story :
It starts with Okazaki Tomoya, a delinquent who is falling in love with a girl named Furukawa Nagisa. Nagisa has a disease that makes her to restudy in third grade of high school. She met Tomoya and they get along with the support of their friends around to reopen the drama class. Nagisa is a fragile, sentiment girl, always indecisive with her decision while Tomoya is an ignorant boy and hates his father so much. He put off his dream being a basketball player because of the incident when he fought with his father and cause his right arm malfunctioned. So much things happened in the year, and they are facing their last examination, Nagisa is in her bad conditon that she is suffering in her ill while Tomoya doesn't want to graduate without Nagisa.
Okazaki Tomoya, Nagisa Furukawa
In second season, Nagisa must restart her education while Tomoya has graduated and tried to find a job. He ended up to work as a baker in Nagisa's father bakery. Tomoya and Nagisa married and have a living, not long after that Nagisa is pregnant. But her condition gets worst and make her to choose whether to have an abortion or protect their only child.   


2. Ano Hana (The Flower We Saw That Day)

I cannot bear not to cry anymore. This is really really hilariously tearing!!! I don't what to say anymore with this one, the heroine sounds so kawaii. The last episode makes me spend 10 pieces of tissues, I think more than that.
Genre: Romance, comedy, slice of life
Plot of story:
Here are 6 childhood best friends, Jinta, Menma, Anjo, Yukiatsu, Poppo and Chiriko. Like a common simple childhood friends, these children spend their child life commonly. Jinta is the leader because he is so brave and Menma loves her so much so did Anjo. On the other hand Yukiatsu loves Menma but he does not realize that Chiriko like him while Poppo is the comedy person here. One day, they stay in a wooden room near the river as their base camp, everyday they goes there and here they play a game where they should be honest to each other. Yukiatsu and Poppo force Jinta to say who he loves while Anjo hopes she will be. Unpredictably, Jinta refuses to say that he likes Menma and Menma only laughs and remains silence. On the same day, Menma plays near the river while all her friends are still in the conflict about the honesty game. Menma was dead and all her friends separate each other with their own reasons to be guilty on hating Menma. Ten years later, Menma ghost appears in front of Jinta and asks for his help to let her rest peacefully after life by fixing all the relationship of all the 6 members of their old friends.  

3. Air TV
I still remember so many people are talking about this anime two years ago. The peak of the last ending is that the heroine dies. Really hate it. It is so tearing.  
Genre:  Slice of life, Supernatural
Plot of the story:
Yukito Kunisaki is on a journey, seeking a girl with wings who flies in the sky, as mentioned in a childhood tale. During this journey, he settles down in a small town, trying to make some money. There, he meets a strange girl named Misuzu. Misuzu quickly makes Yukito her friend and invites him to stay with her. Yukito decides to stay in the small town, and continue searching for the winged girl his mother had searched for in her life.

4. Angel Beats
For me, it is not really tearing, but so many people and some votes said so. The sad part is I actually found Otonashi's past the saddest part and there were lots of scenes that were just touching. Nice anime, but I don't really like the beginning, it's quite confusing.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance
Plot of the story:
In a world after death, angels fight for their fate and their future. Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the otherhand, Tenshi, the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angels harnessing supernatural powers.

5. Kanon 2006
This anime is a remake of Kanon made in 2002. I never watch this one, I start to like anime since 2007, so I really did not notice this one, but when I browse and find several facts about this anime, people mostly vote for this anime as a tearing anime ever in 2006. From the background and the genre I think this one will be tearing.
Genre:  Comedy, Harem, Magic, Romance, Drama, Supernatural
Plot of the story:
Yuichi Aizawa returns to this city after seven years. In his childhood, he often visited it, but something happens in the past which caused him to block out his memories of the events of seven years ago. On the day after he gets settled in, he meets a girl carrying a backpack with wings on it. Her name is Tsukimiya Ayu and he begins to recall the memories he had lost which Ayu is the one who was in an accident falling from a tree when playing with Yuichi, and until the day Yuichi comes, Ayu's body is still in the hospital, sleeping on her dead bed but her spirit wandering around waiting for her only childhood friend and love.

6. Elfen Lied
Elfen lied is one of top 10 tearing anime ever according to votes. Hmm..Several images of this anime contains of flesh of human meat and so on, probably it's about sadism? Lols~

Genre : Drama, Romance, Supernatural

Plot of the story:

The Diclonius, a mutated homo sapien that is said to be selected by God and will eventually become the destruction of mankind, possesses two horns in their heads, and has a "sixth sense" which gives it telekinetic abilities. Due to this dangerous power, they have been captured and isolated in laboratories by the government.Lucy, a young and psychotic Diclonius, manages to break free of her confines and brutally murder most of the guards in the laboratory, only to get shot in the head as she makes her escape. She survives and manages to drift along to a beach, where two teenagers named Kouta and Yuka discovers her. Having lost her memories, she was named after the only thing that she can now say, "Nyuu," and the two allow her to stay at Kouta's home. However, it appears that the evil "Lucy" is not dead just yet.

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