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Well, summer anime mostly are in preparing to release and this is the time for me to give you several summary of spring anime. Last time I write down about Tasogare X Amnesia , today I will write a summary about Sankarea.

I have watched this anime until episode 10, so today I will finish it to the end. So far, frankly speaking this is a weird anime. Well, a lovely complex between a zombie and a zombie maniac. I do agree this is an unique anime, the plot is slice of life but zombie makes it fascinating. 

Genre: Ecchi, Horror, Romance, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural
Episode count: 12
Chihiro Furuya
The story begins with Chihiro Furuya, a boy who loves zombie (he has complete collection of zombie DVD in his room with accessories and other things, he even dreams to kiss a zombie and make friends with them).  Chihiro lives with his father, grandpa, his sister and Babu (a cat). His father is a single parent because when Chihiro was young, his mother died in accident. Without his mother disciple, Chihiro grows differently and makes him lack of friends. In other life, Rea, a girl who is daughter of school's headmaster and becomes a role model for every students, studies across of Furuya's school. Although people around her really admiring her but she never feels happy because she thought everybody makes freind of her because his father is a nobleman. One day, Babu, Chihiro's cat died in an accident, Chihiro was very upset and decided to resurrect Babu secretly in  an old building. In the same time, Rea always comes to that old building every night and screams aloud her sadness in an old well. 
Chihiro notices what Rea did every night and they become friends. Chihiro practices occultism and find a potion to resurrect Babu but he is lacking of a poisonous plant. Rea promises to help Furuya to resurrect Babu by finding a poisonous plant around her mansion. The next day, Rea brings her favorite blue flower and asked Furuya to make the potion. Furuya gave it to Babu's body but nothing happens. They decide to gather the next day to bury Babu.
Rea's father sneaks on Rea's secret relationship and chases Rea not to ever get out from the mansion, Rea ran to a cliff to meet Furuya but she falls down and died. The fact, Rea drank the same potion that Furuya makes for Babu and it works, Rea becomes a zombie and the real story begins. 
Rea becomes a zombie after her death

My first impression, I was terribly shocked with the plot, it's so funny and unpredictable. The background is in a small city in Japanese style with some cultural point inside.

Well, by reading this, I hope you can get some description about it.
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