Friday, 6 July 2012

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

This anime has a tearing ending, I love it very much! I really recommend you to watch this anime, especially for those who like slice of life genre anime.

Episode count: 11 
Genre: Drama, Slice of Life
The story starts with a usual boy name Yadomi Jinta. Yadomi lives with his father and lost her mother when he was a kid because of disease. Yadomi stopped to go to school because everybody thinks he is weird and unsociable. He is ignorant and selfish, eating, playing games and sleeping; the routine flows just like that every day. One day, Menma, Jinta childhood friend appears, it surprisingly amazes Jinta because Menma has died when she was a kid because of an accident.  

Menma comes to Jinta’s life because she cannot go back to Nirvana and only Jinta and the other childhood friends can grant it to help her rest peacefully, it is to reunite all her friends. Jinta starts to go back to his old life, Jinta who is brave, responsible and attractive with his new life tries to find his friends who are included in Super Peace Busters team (Menma, Jinta, Anaru, Yukiatsu, Tsuruko and Poppo). 

Things do not go well, Jinta must gather all the members or Menma will not able to rest peacefully. Anaru who gets into unpopular school, makes friends with naught and ditch the school every day, never believes that Menma comes again to her lives. Deeply inside, Anaru loves Jinta but feels that she always loses her loves even though Menma has died and thought that Jinta is insane. On the other hand, Anaru actually feels satisfied when Menma died, but even Menma has died she still cannot attract Jinta to her life. 

From Left: Tsuruko, Poppo< Yuki, Menma, Anaru, Jinta
Yukiatsu and Tsuruko go to popular and high class school, Yukiatsu never forgets Menma and still put his love interest in her but he is too jealous and questioning why Menma only appears to Jinta and not him. Yukiatsu has been depressed for several years and always blames himself that he causes Menma died. Tsuruko loves Yukiatsu, but she always thinks that she has lost since the beginning to Menma and hurts herself to give up on Yukiatsu. Differently, Poppo wants to help Jinta in case he wants Menma to forgive him not to help her in the incident of her death.  

My first impression? THIS IS A TOTALLY GOOD ANIME! Sometimes you will tear up, I guess. It's a good anime and recommended to watch. The background is in a city, and Chichibu bridge is featured in the anime. Nice at all.

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