Sunday, 1 July 2012

Mr. Pizza Manager, Pen Please!

Last week was a nice weekend ever! My mates in debate competition and our great coach, Sir Hendriek visited Bangkok city. We stayed for more than a week and we also had our holiday there. Once, we visited a pizza shop, Pizza Company. The menu are completely various and we were confused what to order. Finally we decided to order a pizza with cheesy chicken pizza with Thai style. 

We would like to visit Pattaya the next day, but we did not know which direction and where to go. We decided to ask the pizza manager (he has his emblem as a manager, OK?). 

"Mr. do you know how to go to Pattaya?", asked  Sir. He smiled and nodded, he opened his android phone and tracked the Google map for us. 

"It's around hmm.. 170 km", he said. 

"What is the name of the terminal sir if we want to go by bus?", asked my coach again.

"Hmm... Errr... Ekamai", he said.

"Pardon???", asked sir again.  

"Hmmm.... Ekamai, Ekamai is near from here", he replied.

"Sorry, pardon???", sir asked for several times. We could not listen clearly because the Thai accent is so clear so when he spoke English, we were quite confused.

"Owww..oww, okay, could you please write down the bus station name??", asked sir.

Mr. manager took a piece of small paper and gave it to us.

"Sorry sir, pen please?", sir asked.

The pizza manager took several pieces of paper again for us.

"Sir? I mean pen, pen", said sir with his confused face.

He took again a piece of paper and seemed very busy with his phone.

My friend and I were so confused and I laughed. 

Sir saw a pen in his pocket and in reflex he asked for the pen and took it, after that we asked him to write down the name. Mr. manager seemed confused and only stared at us why we took his pen.  

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