Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Holiday In Bangkok

Do you ever visit Bangkok, Thailand? Yes? No? I would like to share you some of my experience and knowledge about Bangkok. (Let me remind you, OK? It's all about my personal information, but I will provide you with some facts). 

I visited Bangkok for nearly 9 days. The first thing when you arrive in Bangkok is hotel. We stayed in Chinatown Inn. Pretty cheap, around 875 B for one night and included breakfast, three stars hotel, everyday room make up and free water and Wi-fi everyday. Chinatown Inn is a strategic place for culinary, so you are exactly in the center of the city. The name of the street is Yaowarat and it's very crowded. Several shopping malls are around there, cheap and expensive restaurants are here too. 

The best food from this area are Texas Suki, Pizza company and street hawkers meatball. You can find fresh juice everywhere, lime, orange and even exotic fruit you have never seen. People are friendly but mostly can't speak English, but you can count on your gesture and they are quick learner citizens.

Mostly hawkers sell seafood and oriental food (a lot of pork and chicken here), but some of the hawkers food are quite expensive especially lobster and crabs. Other are totally cheap and enjoyable. In the morning, you can find rush hours around 7-9 am. The street is full of cars, bus, Tutut (traditional transportation, like a tricycle but very polluting), motorcycles and cabs. I hate to go out at that time, so we start to visit places around 10 am. 

The weather is quite hot but it rains a lot, so quite balance but unfriendly. Tourists are everywhere and very crowded except weekend. If you like to shop with cheap and qualified items, you can visit MBK mall, it's quite near, you can have it with taxi for 100-150 B in one way. If you like expensive hot items, you can visit Siam Paragon, the biggest mall here with fashionable people inside and indeed rocket price stuff, you can find taxi everywhere and it's around 200-350 B in one way. You can find great architecture of temple everywhere, thousands, legions temples are located in Bangkok. The etiquette here, you may not touch monk (especially females) and people are quite polite here, so don't be rude.

Looking for floating market? You can find it easily, just take a taxi for 1300 B, the place of floating market is outside of Bangkok city and you can find fresh lychee, mangoes and durian. Fresh coconut sugar drink and nice temple again.

With 1300 B taxi, you can ask the cab to deliver you in some other interesting place too, so not only floating market, you can add 2 more, so 3 places for 1300 B+ sending you home (of course). I visited gem factory and a souvenir center. There are lot of gems there, from a rare and common one. I see it's pretty cheap and good quality and souvenirs are pretty affordable and unique. You can ask some discount here and it depends on how much money you spend. I pretty remember spend on 400-500 B for souvenir, and the owner gave me discount for 20% lols.
If you like artistic items from wood, paintings and so on, you can visit Chatuchat market. It's around 200 B from Chinatown Inn with taxi. Beside Chatuchat, there is a shopping mall again, pretty cheap and complete. 

Everything is quite easy when you want to eat and have a vacation, anyway if you plan to visit a beach, you can visit Pattaya. It's 4 or 5 hours from Bangkok with bus. You can pay for 400 B for one ticket and th ebt time is departing at 11 am. In Pattaya there is walking street, some shopping malls and ehemm.. stripping dancer, pubs, bars and elite restaurants. You can walk around there it is quite easy to find money changer everywhere. If you are lucky, you can meet a parade on the road in the afternoon. The breeze in the beach is really relaxing and nice. You can play banana boat and speed boat. It's 600-900 B per hour. It depends on how you deal with the price. 

For some information, it's pretty hard to communicate with people in English, but people are so friendly so don't be afraid. People can understand, some can speak English but for citizens on street you can't hope much. You can use your gesture or learn a bit Thai. It sounds difficult but you can make use of it after 2 or 3 days. 

Remember! You should buy at least a Sim card for phone, so it will be easier to communicate if you do not travel alone. Card is pretty cheap, 49 B per card with 50 B credit inside. 



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