Monday, 2 July 2012

A Poem of Broken Hearted Ex-girlfriend

To the left to the right
To the east to the west
My heartbeat never ends
My lip burns like hell in flames

A picture of you and a babe
With reddish cheeks oval shape
Hanging beside you like a honey bear
But a foolish foe for me used to be peer

You smile and she blushes
I peek and it's only toilet flushes
You look fool, she laughs in happy
Poor you who never notice my reality

You called it a fantastic romantic affair
I witnessed it as a jerky damn unfair
You say I was blind comparing to her
I say you were fucking with coroner     

Everything you said to me is a lie
In the last minute you smile for a bye
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!  
I have seen Lucifer, your friend pops up

Last time you said you love me
This time you say honey come to me
Poor you, bragging brainlessly
Hoping for my sincerity tastelessly 

I want to resurrect like a rose of Jericho
From my deeply sadness and to undergo
To tear up parts of your organ as a routine
To knock down your soul and drag it into a coffin

To bury one’s head in the sand
With my happiest eyes I will stand
To heal my love for wrong five pennies guy
And to make him deserves through wrong way

Hey Teddy boy, now you are losing amour, right?
I hope it comes true you regret for every night 
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