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From Left: M16, L85, FNC, SG550
Summer anime of 2012 will be soon released, this anime is Spring anime. Last time I write a description about Ano Hana. Now, for those who like history and weapons especially guns in World War, this is a best choice of anime. In the beginning of the anime, I thought this one is a romance, but surprisingly this is totally anime with so much specification about troops, war, armor, guns and even it contains several countries which is well known as armor industries (Belgium, Swiss, Switzerland, UK, US, Taiwan, Israel and so on). Kitsune Tennouji (the manga writer) serves you a boring history in different way, guns, armors turn into cute high school girls with special skill and ability, this anime even explain the physical material of armor and transforms it into these cute girls physic. Example, L85 gun, made in England, a gun which is well known as easily broken gun because it jams after hundred of thousand times shot, although it has several disadvantages,  not to mention, it also has benefit, its holder made by plastic so it is light to be bring everywhere and that is the reason until today, UK armies are still using it.  Each girls has the same name as the gun type such as SG550 (Switzerland), FNC (Belgium), M16 (America), L85 (UK), Galil (Israel) and so on. In some ocassion, they call each other with code name, example FNC as Fukko, L85 as Eru-chan, SG550 as Sig etc (mostly Japanese names, lols~).

Episode count: 10   
Genre: Action, Seinen, Comedy
FNC, an unusual high school girl is walking in a summer bazaar and meet two children who are aiming a gift in gun play. The stall owner refuses to give the prize because the prize does not totally collapse. FNC help those kids and manage to let the prize collapse with one shot, unfortunately the stall owner refuse and make reason of FNC uniform, Seishou Academy, a famous academy in its reputation as best military school.

Suddenly, a transfer Japanese teacher look at them and become a volunteer to aim the prize and admits that he is totally an amateur. This guy holds the gun in elegant and in his action with cool pose, he even amazes FNC who is pro in shooting. But.... He failed. In the middle of the summer festival and talk each other, in the fact this Japanese guy is a transfer student to Seishou Academy where FNC and friends live. When FNC go upstairs in a public place, this Japanese guy notices that FNC wears a thong and suggests her to be best to wear underpant rather than thong to prevent her to get cold. FNC who is mad of him shot him with her gun uncontrolly. So the story begins how crazy the school and the students are according to the new transfer student.
My first impression, hmmm.. this anime is unique, funny and yeah quite enjoyable. The story featured in an Academy, a city and mostly Japanese architecture style in common.
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